With an impressive reputation as the largest automated cost report vendor in the United States, Health Financial Systems develops industry-leading Medicare cost reporting software.

Through our discovery meeting with HFS, we learned about their incredible software products and the impact they have on the Medicare cost reporting industry.  We gave their logo a quick uplift – removing the existing circle around the logo bug, updating the colors to a more modern color scheme, and changing the font. After the logo changes were approved, we moved on to a UX / UI project for their website. We consulted with HFS  and deconstructed the site architecture to improve the current experience. After we rebuilt the architecture from the ground-up, we created a series of wireframes to present to HFS as a visual reference for the flow of the site. During the visual design process, we pulled together our color palette and got to work. The new site allows HFS customers and new business to navigate with an ease of use, find product information quickly and be able to access support and solutions through the knowledgebase.

As we wrapped up the UX / UI of the website and delivered PSD files to HFS, they asked us to take a look at the UX of their HCRIS site and make recommendations. We took their vision of incorporating a dashboard for the users one step further than they originally envisioned, creating an easy to navigate online application interface where users can gain high-level access to the content they need and customize their dashboard view.


  • Visual Identity
  • UI & UX
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Production
Health Financial Systems Logo Update


HFS Custom Icon Design
Health Financial Systems Responsive Website UX Design
Health Financial Systems Mobile Friendly Website Design