GeoBlue, an internationally recognized health insurance provider, created a public service non-profit organization for international travelers called Global Citizens Association. Travelers were failing to perceive the organization as a valued asset, which initiated bringing in our team.  We modernized the brand through a new logo design, responsive website design, and a back-end development of an infrastructure set-up to more readily engage with their core audience and allow them to do more good in the world.

We created a brand identity for Global Citizens Association (GCA) that captured the spirit of the world traveller with a mark that uses two people in motion to echo the Earth’s color and shape. By coupling this logo with a modern font choice, we built a brand that could connect with target members who are looking to safely see the world.

For Global Citizens Association, its website is also a gateway to valuable information and services for its member base. Knowing this, we implemented a new backend system to allow the organization to better manage its users, process payments and share its brand to the world.

A key pillar of Global Citizens Associations’ engagement strategy with its members is its blog, Healthy Travel. We updated the blog’s identity and overall design while also implementing a subscription mechanism that enables GCA to connect with its audience through email communications.


  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • UI & UX
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
Global Citizens Association Identity Design, Logo Development
Global Citizens Association Website Design for Membership Site
Global Citizens Association Responsive Mobile Web Design and Development