Pushingink is a full-service marketing agency in Lancaster. We help clients better engage their target markets and generate results through effective design, marketing, communication, and intent. We believe in a holistic approach to branding and design and enjoy working with like-minded organizations and individuals who are passionate about being authentic and standing for something.

Principles of Thinking

01. Strategy

All facets of a brand need to be aligned, so your product or service can match the promise.

02. Creative

How your brand looks and communicates to the world is the first exposure a customer has, so it should come first in your strategy.

03. Purpose

A brand should communicate its purpose to attract new customers and retain existing customers, making its influence in the market paramount.

Our Team

Our clients know us as Kate and Brian – the only two people who answer the phone, but that’s for a reason. We’re a small, but mighty team of two people who like to pack a powerful punch. We started as Creative Directors for big agencies in Metropolitan areas and didn’t agree with their methodology. So, we decided to turn back to a hands-on approach of researching, strategizing and developing solutions that grow brands both big and small.


Kate has 15+ years of experience solving usability and marketing problems for international brands. Her career began in California as a leader at nationally recognized agencies in both Los Angeles and San Diego. She founded pushingink in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as a digital marketing agency helping companies realize potential, reach sales goals and become fierce competitors in their industries.


Brian has 14+ years of experience leading marketing teams, creating successful marketing strategies and helping companies improve their brands. Starting his career at agencies in the Baltimore/DC metro area and the Philadelphia Main Line, he has worked at transforming both household brand names as well as small businesses into revenue-driving machines.